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The new compost processing solution from IFE for forward thinking composting companies

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The new IFE compost processing solution

Increases purity and quantity of compost

Saves energy costs
Structural material
Removes film and stone

Fotocredits (Alexander Gassner): Branding Brothers

Both from dry and moist raw compost

All important fractions in one cycle only

Ferrous material

Finished compost


Structured material

Plastic films

Screen residue

Latest News

Innovation at the composting plant


At the end of 2023, another IFE AEROSELECTOR was successfully put into operation in the middle of the Bavarian region Oberland. The system with IFE VARIOMAT and magnetic separation was installed at the composting plant in Warngau at the company VIVO Kommunalunternehmen für Abfall-Vermeidung. Since then, the processes on site have been optimized and promising results have been achieved.

A new mission for the AEROSELECTOR


Glass, film and cardboard - classic packaging waste finds its way onto the streets through careless discarding. Yet this material flow has great recycling potential! The AEROSELECTOR separates 5 fractions quickly and efficiently, which can then be recycled.

Experience the new solution in operation

Compost processing with the Aeroselector from IFE

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Current IFE compost processing folder

Folder: Overview of IFE compost solutions (including Aeroselector)

Get a quick overview of the compost processing technology of IFE and the new Aeroselector.

Folder: We present to you the Aeroselector!

Learn everything about the new Aeroselector.

White paper: New paths in compost processing

Learn more about the current market situation and legislation, the compost processing solutions compared to each other and the new Aeroselector.

IFE Material Handling

Your partner for contaminant removal

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IFE was founded in 1947 as Institut für Forschung und Entwicklung (Institute for Research and Development). From Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Austria, the company supplies customers worldwide with high-quality vibrating feeders, screening machines and magnetic separators. Learn more about IFE Material Handling »

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